Today’s workplace is about flexibility, mobility and diversity. The modern workplace is a different approach and experience than before. Your trusted desks in the office will not be canceled, but will be given a different interpretation. With the techniques of today, physical presence in the office is not always necessary and you have the possibility to do your work anywhere and at any time. At the office, at home or at the customer

Being able to decide for yourself how, where, when and with whom you organize the work means more freedom of choice. Offering different types of places and being able to adapt workspaces to your own needs is therefore becoming increasingly important. The time has passed that you could only work in the office and did everything at the same workplace.

In the work environment of the future, it’s all about:

  • mobility
  • diversity
  • flexibility


In addition, collaboration and knowledge exchange become essential. Different types of meeting places arise, both formal and informal, often integrated with technology, so that information is easily shared. After all, you no longer necessarily come to the office to work, but mainly to exchange information with colleagues. Because employees are less and less automatically tied to the office, it is becoming increasingly important to penetrate the work environment with the identity of the organization. The working environment must reflect who you want to be as an organization and what is important there. In this way, employees can easily identify with the organization and the organizational culture is supported.

Working in a stimulating office environment is an important pillar under a successful organization. People who feel comfortable and enjoy their working environment achieve better performance. We offer employees a new, inspiring and practical and ergonomic working environment.

Dynamic working promotes health, productivity and creativity in the workplace.


  • Flexible workplaces
  • Lounge workplaces
  • Duo workplaces
  • Sit / stand workplaces
  • Bench workplaces
  • Call center workplaces

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SAGADA Projectinrichting -
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)20 6754660

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